To begin again

violets in the snow


Spring is here!

For some of us, although we notice temperatures are warming and trees are budding, winter is still lingering in our hearts and minds. Perhaps you are still hurt about a relationship that ended.Or, you lost your job last year and you are trying to make ends meet now. Or, maybe you gained a few pounds and you discovered a few more gray hairs, those “pesky” reminders of your age.You feel hopeless, scarred, unattractive, and hurt.

It is times  like these when you feel less feel confident.

Right now, you feel stuck. You feel frozen in the winter that passed.

I want to offer you a perspective to encourage you and maybe warm your heart.

One of my favorite wildflowers are violets. As a botanist, I learned that violets have meanings that add value to their size and appearance. For example, floral companies such as Teleflora and  Proflowers  mention that as purple flowers, violets symbolize confidence, success, accomplishment, and royalty. As a testament to their value,  violets were among the most popular flowers used to scent perfumes in the 19th century. Even today, violets are still integral to modern perfumery, with many perfumes inspired by their scent, color, and symbolism.

As one of the first spring wildflowers, violets are small and delicate, often overlooked under a cover of dead leaves and melting snow.  However, despite unfavorable conditions, violets emerge as delightful surprises of purple endurance and persistence.

In a word, violets are survivors. But even more important, violets have a purpose- to inspire and renew hope in us.

Although your circumstances may have left you out in the cold or feeling less than desirable, you have survived. Similar to violets, you mean much more than your size, appearance, or circumstances. You can emerge from your winter of disappointment and discouragement. To begin again, take some steps to renew your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. Your renewal steps may include a few of these:

  • Read positive affirmations. Check out these from
  • Release your hurt, anger, and bitterness over to God in prayer
  • Have a good cry every now and then
  • Take a brisk walk or jog
  • Try a new perfume -maybe a violet-scented one!
  • Consider a new hair color or haircut
  • Commit to one healthy food item a day
  • Reconnect with a hobby or learn a new one
  • Find new ways to save, trim your spending, and earn money. The offers creative and innovate tips

You are valuable! You can begin again!

.You can achieve confidence, success, and accomplishment by treating yourself like royalty, pampering yourself in small and nourishing ways. As you take care of yourself, your survival will evolve into a desire to thrive and fulfill your purpose: to inspire and renew hope in others.

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